Oh! Mountains of China
Where so many wars were fought
Were wise men pray to the skys above
Where the wind blows
And dancers make the sunrise with an only move
Where boys became heros
Where waterfalls cry to the paradise earth
Where i would love to lose myself
In those Mountains,
Green like jade
White like pearl
Dark like the night of full moon
Where the stars shine with more intensity
Where the Gods trod the sacred floor
And where the nimphs dance and sing to Heaven
Oh! But those mountains are Heaven,
A piece of Heaven
Where i can hear the voice of a lover
Singing to the silver star
Where ths sun rises
China, the queen of the East Mountains
And me, far away
I would embrace all of that and kiss that holy floor
Cause those mountains are my dreams
My Utopia
My Sky above
And i sing to it with love and sadness
Cause i know that you do not belong to me
Oh! Cause i know that you will never belong to me!

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

All we can do is just sit back and marvel at what Mother Nature shows us, her handiwork.

Asi Sansell
Asi Sansell
over 4 years


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