I am an errant knight
In the bliss of a heavenly delight
I walk into the stones of History
I may put “I” but this is not about me
Some saw the Aleph,
The whole world in a drop of water
People see beauties in uglyness
And that sincerely doesn’t matter
I drink of desperation
Mixed with warm water it makes tea
And like that my mind flee
And then i am no longer in me
My “i” is for all the Man kind
From me to thee
I saw the Aleph
And now i cannot forget
The delight of muchness
Of billions in loneliness
In  world where even the world doesn’t exist
But existence to exit insist
Mankind is growing for love
Being groomed from hate
A tea of agony will liberate
It won’t late the hour
That humanity will
Be drinking from a tea of flowers.

I was walking in the city of Évora after classes when i saw the birds fly freely, humans talking and everything happening around me, there i discovered the Aleph, i saw everything and everyone in a single drop of tea that i was drinking.

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