The many places I have been
And countless faces I have seen,
The many tales to be told,
Into the universe, they unfold.
It’s all a passing show,
Some of it colorful and bold,
Some of it dull and meek,
It’s meaning I do seek.
Now that life has slowed
And I have time to reflect,
Hindsight and wisdom grow,
In this garden of regret.


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Barb Clarke
plus de 5 ans

Thanks Vic!

plus de 5 ans

Amen! Love it

Barb Clarke
plus de 5 ans

Thanks very much.

Shemené Kok
plus de 5 ans

if we had known life wouldnt have been this interresting though,because only pure curiousity is our interest.Great poem barbs i am captured by what i read so far.

Barb Clarke
plus de 6 ans

Thanks Gee. Yes, too bad we are not born wise but that is just not how it is!

plus de 6 ans

Nice Barb.If only we knew then what we know now.......

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