You left me expecting us to be fine
Our realationship to be fine
You still called me yours
And tried to give me the world
And I tried to make it ok
Trust me I played along with ur games
And I ended up getting more cuts then I bargned for
And I stepped back and yours words hit me like a rope to my neck hanging me from the ceiling
You said you regret  leaving us yet you said u were gone and walked out the door
How am I supposed to forgive you
Your always trying to hug me
So I push you off
Ur suffocating smell of smoke weed and cheep bear it burns my nose
Mom get away
Mom stop
Mom leave me alone for a while
Why don’t you get it you left me
Now I don’t want you back
Not in the slightest way
Keep walking and slam that door
Cause you already slammed my heart of the floor I was 13 mom
I blamed my self
Because of you I thought it was my fault dad wouldn’t talk about you
Everyone asked me if I was ok what do I say
No every night I cry without her
Every night I dream of how I fucked up
But it wasn’t me it  wasn’t dad
It was the one who packed their own bag
The one who left us because she was bored of her life
We had a good thing
All of us and u ruined it!!!!
So don’t call don’t text
Just leave me alone

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