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from Don Juan: Canto 1, Stanzas 47-48


Sermons he read, and lectures he endured,
  And homilies, and lives of all the saints;
To Jerome and to Chrysostom inured,
  He did not take such studies for restraints;
But how faith is acquired, and then insured,
  So well not one of the aforesaid paints
As Saint Augustine in his fine Confessions,
Which make the reader envy his transgressions.


This, too, was a seal’d book to little Juan—
  I can’t but say that his mamma was right,
If such an education was the true one.
  She scarcely trusted him from out her sight;
Her maids were old, and if she took a new one
  You might be sure she was a perfect fright,
She did this during even her husband’s life—
I recommend as much to every wife.
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