A humanoid species typically cynical and rude.
Arrogant, self-righteous, foul-mouthed, and crude.
Defining an annoying, ignorant, gluttonous mule.
Good for nearly nothing next to acting like a fool.
Would it kill you to show kindness or perhaps display some manners?
You jerks should be required to wear identifying banners.
Fair warning for humanity; it’s best to just stay clear.
Resembling skilled magicians, jerks make masses disappear.
Your nasty, thoughtless demeanor is your only true companion,
You brought this on yourself along with feeling so abandoned.
Force some friends, easily achieved by throwing 'round some weight,
Your fear-controlling, will-imposing talents seem innate.
I’m sorry no one cared for you enough to teach you right,
It’s no excuse to viciously manipulate with fright.
The choice is yours, grow a heart and find some inspiration
Or live in pain alone forever, seeking warped salvation.


This was more of a venting piece than anything else. I was frustrated with all the jerks that seem to surround this world, so I wrote my own little 'ode' to them... If you're a jerk, this one's for you!!!

rhyming, satire, humor

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Makayla Taylor
almost 4 years

You're poems are quite impressive, I must say. More-so than I expected, even while ranting! :)

over 6 years

Or live in pain alone forever, seeking warped salvation.~ somehow this is me.... oh well

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Love this... the last stanza will win over some :) well done...

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