From Heart's highest peaks...

Not knowing their true intensity,
     I find there are times
   I wish to cry
 into your eyes.
 Never feeling
   the weight of their gaze;
      skin ghostly
       and depraved.
     Starving for acceptance
   and the look
 of prideful praise.
 Emotions grown
   have missed harvest,
     love evades
       to spaces farthest;
     becoming lost
   to places hardest.
In bright spirits
 I’ll remain,
   for it’s here
     that I’m most sane;
   to love’s leaking pain...


I just threw this together and wanted to share...


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almost 7 years


almost 7 years

I can totally dig what you're saying..!

james matthew coleman
almost 7 years

I thoroughly relate to this piece. These are the words put down, to describe some of the thoughts, that I have yet to accomplish expressing with written word.(if that makes any sense lol!)And you write it so smooth,.... making it seem easy eh?.... you should save this draft if you're going to work it further, if you haven't already :)

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years


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