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This type of poem is called an 'ABC poem.' The first letters of the first four verses must follow in alphabetical succession after whatever letter was used to begin the first verse. For example, if the first line begins with the letter 'A', then the second line should begin with the letter 'B', the third line begins with 'C', and the fourth line then begins with the letter 'D.' Although, it doesn't have to be A,B,C,D. It could follow F, G, H, I; or Q, R, S, T. Just so long as the letters follow in alphabetical succession starting with the first letter of the first verse.

The final verse, or line, may begin with any letter that hasn't yet been used. It's not required to follow in order. I hope I was able to effectively explain an ABC poem without causing just more confusion... If you don't know what an 'ABC' poem is and feel that my explanation isn't enough, you can always google it. I encourage every poet to try this type of poem at least once... They're really fun and you might even be surprised by what manifests...

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steven t.
over 4 years

Got a good chuckle to start my day out of this one...;>)...hope you are well and enjoying the eternal spring harvest!

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