The sound of freedom is very clear,
If you listen real close you too can hear.
Take a moment give a listening ear,
It’s great it’ll fill your heart with cheer.
It’s the sound of a people going to and fro,
walking in freedom as they go,
shopping and talking, enjoying their day,
laughing as they go their way.
It’s the sound of our children as they play,
with no threat or enemy in their way.
When you hear this sound your heart says yes,
our country is the very best,
The sound of buses, cars, and  trains,
the sound of the wind,
a warm spring rain.
The sounds we hear ore’ and ore’ again,
they keep going on without retain.
It’s a melody, hear the song it sings,
the sound of achievement,
graduation time brings.
It’s the worshippérs singing out their praise,
no other country sounds this way.
When I hear it’s sound, my heart says yes,
l live in a country that’s truly blessed.
When I hear it’s sound I have hope inside,
and can truly say, that I’m glad I’m alive.
It’s the sound of freedom,
I can hear it can you?
You can, if you really want to.
It’s the sound of freedom,
and I’m happy today,
that I’m living my life in the U. S. A.
H.S.I. (c) 2012-20.

There's no country like America. God Bless our land.
Song America The Beautiful. Sung by Ray Charles.

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over 3 years

Very good poem! So optimistic

Charlotte B. Williams
Charlotte B. Williams
over 3 years

Thank you Vic. Always appreciate your comments. Lately I've just been tweeking stuff I've already written. Not really writing anything new. I think I have a refreshing coming up though, where I'll be writing more, and also following you guys on Poeticous more closely. I keep in touch with Inge, I don't know when she'll be coming back though. She regreted getting frustrated and leaving her page, but had trouble restoring it.

Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
over 4 years

Charlotte, a " Masterpiece ". You have the best outlook on life and happiness. It is such a pleasure to know you. Thank you so much for sharing this great poem.

Charlotte B. Williams
Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

Thank you, and the feeling is mutual.

almost 6 years

you're welcome!

Charlotte B. Williams
Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

Thank you.

almost 6 years

good old USA! nice

Charlotte B. Williams
Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

Yes I'm so thankful, thanks.

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