Beautiful Apple Blossom Tree,
how beautiful you are to me.
It feels like spring is finally here,
As troubles seem to disappear.
The soft winds blow I feel at ease,
just looking at these beautiful trees.
A lovely sight for eyes to see,
You really are a lovely tree.
As such beauty I behold,
as treasures of the earth unfold.
Why can't it always be this way ?
Why can't the Apple Blossoms stay?
Beautiful Apple Blossom Tree,
The Fathers gift to you and me.
although I know you will not stay,
What beauty you’re adding to this day.
H.S.I. (c) 2018 - 20

There's nothing quite as beautiful as an Apple Blossom Tree. It was a lovely day today seeing all the trees in bloom. (I don't always want to make everything rhyme but it just seems to come out that way.) Picture by Miyeon.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

It sure is beautiful, allright

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