By Stanley Collymore
The Cardinals have spoken, their voices giving election
to a new Pope on whose shoulders the responsibility:
spiritually and ethically, of global Roman Catholicism
firmly rests. And amid the celebrations, and my own
congratulations, to the marked departure from the
Eurocentric manner in which most previous
Pontiffs were routinely elected, I say with
deep pride and unabashed admiration, in
relation to the papal elevation of this
humble, most worthy and Jesuit
Argentinian: “God bless and
counsel you Cardinal Jorge
Mario Bergogli;” now, of
course, Your Holiness
Pope Francis the First.
© Stanley V. Collymore
14 March 2013.


Sensibly the Conclave of Cardinals has maturely made the right decision and gone outside Europe and North America for someone to give some much needed moral and spiritual leadership to the global family of Roman Catholics.

Roman Catholicism, Christianity

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