By Stanley Collymore
You’re as common as muck even though by describing
you in this explicit way I’m doing a grave disservice
to a commodity that is much prized by the farming
community for the essentially productive effects
which traditionally it has always had on their
beneficial industry. You, however, are by no
means an asset to anybody, Michael Gove
and that includes yourself; and since the
discernible downside of muck is that it can despoil
and generally be a right bloody nuisance too in
the process it’s this explanation of the word
that is specifically relevant to you Michel
on this distinct occasion. So do yourself
a massive favour won’t you and clean
up your perfidious act, assuming of
course that you can, for it’s duly transparently
self-evident that your existing one not only
stinks but is also a vulgar affront to every
intelligent person across the extensive
length and breadth of this important
homeland we call Britain, as well
as to the entire world generally
and every one of its evidently
rational, deeply enlightened
and, most unquestionably
thoroughly responsible
inhabitants especially.
© Stanley V. Collymore
17 March 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Prescient-minded and savvy individuals all know the type; brainless and utterly incapable in any natural sense of thinking for themselves, and who consequently slavishly – nice word for summing up these imbecilic morons - heavily rely on others to not only do their thinking for them but also dictate to them as well what they should believe and actually do, dim-wits in other words that habitually rely on their privileged existence not derived through any form of proven intellect or personal endeavour but invariably through an incestuous and characteristic British ingrained system of class indoctrination and the unwarranted toadying that stems from it. And you’re in pole position in every one of these illustrations Michael Gove, although by no means the solitary one as is abundantly demonstrated by the Zionist Nazis in your government, Cabinet, among your Tory parliamentary party members, their scumbag Labtory and Lib-Dem friends who also infect the House of Commons and one could go further and add the entire United Kingdom as their useless and sinister presence along with that of their brainless camp followers among the rest of us does discernibly attest.

Yet ironically Homo sapiens is a species that habitually and rather arrogantly culls harmless animals but unbelievably squeamishly recoils from doing the same with its own waste of time detrital human elements, and when the Germans, circa 1939-1945 sensibly and constructively sought to industriously do so, what did Britain somewhat asininely do? It stupidly went to war with them. Absolutely incredible! For in doing so it pointlessly in my opinion sacrificed many worthy lives, and not only British ones, and for what positive purpose? None that I can discern! And what a bloody awful mistake that senseless war turned out to be. And if you’re in doubt about that basically question any Palestinian who still manages to physically have a life of sorts and whose people, most barbarically deprived of their homeland, are now scattered to the four corners of the globe or else languishing in squalid refugee camps across the Middle East since 1948 what he or she thinks. But it’s not them we should empathize with but their Zionist genociders according to ignorant and cold-blooded assholes like Michael Gove. In my case let me unambiguously spell it out Michael Gove – IN YOUR BLOODY DREAMS!

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