By Stanley Collymore
Why are so many alleged
descendants of a British
people, who basically
see themselves as such, and
significantly were directly
as well as also indirectly
exploited by the British
aristocrats and equally
their likeminded, and
concertedly thinking
too, self-entitlement
to being a uniquely
privileged class of
elites, but in truth
are categorically
exploitative and
such deceitfully
embedded, and
evil charlatans
discernibly, as
is their crafty
act to simply
and, always
act in their
Yet these patently and
distinctly delusional
Britons: irrefutably
intellectually challenged and
discernibly, irreversibly so,
are the unwarranted and
repulsive elite people’s
staunchest defenders?
This, after a century
of equality! And, to
each sentient and
throughly, sane
thinking person
lawfully raises
a significantly
just question:
why are they
happy with the few
crumbs that these
purported elites
allow to fall to
them directly
and reviling
from lavish
tables that
these sick
do own?
(C)  Stanley V. Collymore
14 December 2020.

Author's Remarks:
A most pernicious move and, equally so, an unconscionable process to then ensure that an outdated madness: the British monarchy, which cost billions of Pounds Sterling to so questionably sustain, and thoroughly likemindedly so odiously, self-servingly, purported elites that are usually social climbing to them, forever stay untouched.

While actually promoting elitism for the ilk, but alternatively, for others massive inequality and disadvantage with no concept of, or true concerns about morality and integrity; much less so Democracy and Meritocracy.

And all inimically safeguarded by a distinctly rotten system: consisting of nakedly sycophantic and greedy politicians, blatantly out of touch elitist judiciaries and, as well, a similarly mindset CPS and too a local magistracy, keenly buttressed by an evilly, mendaciously ultra rightwing, social climbing reinforcing and a risibly delusional, British MSM with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of basic decency and morality, or any real regard for the truth!

Denial, delusion. stupidity, hatred

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