By Stanley Collymore
Strangers aren’t necessarily only people whom
you’ve never met, since conceivably they can
also be persons whom you’ve individually
known all or most of your life! A clear
contradiction in logical terms I hear
you say? No! It certainly isn’t in
actuality; because strangers, just like friends, is
a state of mind whose prevalent wellbeing, or
lack of it, is found in your personal psyche
and stems directly and unmistakably, as
well as indisputably from the initial
and subsequently too, the lasting
impact that that individual has
decisively had and therefore
continues to exert on you.
And you, Sylvia Tara, unquestionably
radiate the genuine characteristics
which on objective observation
and analysis does lead one
to sensibly and astutely
contemplate that acquiring your
acquaintance and afterwards
possibly and opportunely
becoming a friend too
evidently could not
on that person’s
part be a finer
© Stanley V. Collymore
29 December 2016.

Author’s remarks:
The festive season that comprises Christmas and the New Year is customarily, and rather amusingly as well, quite interesting to watch, as it’s the time in many peoples’ lives when they endeavour either quite seriously or else merely instinctively and unthinkingly to put a positive spin on their individual life and with hopeful expectations seek to improve on it. But while some succeed in their earnest bid to do so others most unfortunately fail dismally in their attempt to attain even their transiently held expectations, and prompts the very obvious question, which of these two categories are you in?

Relax! It’s not a judgemental castigation of you and whatever decision you choose to opt for is essentially your own; and whether given in earnestness is sustained; eventually abandoned or non-reciprocated is a life’s lesson that will doubtlessly be food for thought I quite imagine and future actions, as well as a thoroughly personal assessment that’s hopefully honest and straightforward in relation to one’s self.

Taking a calculated leap into the dark undoubtedly has its numerous thrills as well as myriad opportunities for both success and failure; but success however and whenever it comes is never conceived, born or fully achieved without taking that quantum leap into the unknown. So my advice, for what it’s worth, is to go for it!

Instinctively inspired by Sylvia Tara this poem is altruistically written for and also dedicated to her and everyone else who genuinely wants to see and moreover help contribute towards making the world we all of us currently live in an infinitely better one. So with that firmly in mind; Happy New Year To All of You!


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