By Stanley Collymore
Try getting an appointment,
however urgent that your
condition might be, with
a doctor these days. Not
a chance! And Covid-19 is the
lame, dishonest and, at best m,
disingenuous explanation
you will routinely hear.
A bloody lie of course,
since the patent and
rigidly established
commercially too
and secretly also
plan is honestly
to crumble the
NHS, and then
openly lie by
claiming the
all doctors
and other
basically can’t cope, since
they’re all of them quite
literally in this rather
devastating situation, now
created by all of this, and
naturally submerged by
pressing duties. Believe
that lying rubbish and
unsurprisingly you’ll
certainly believe, all
else you’re likewise
sadly, untruthfully
and contemptibly
wholly cynically
directed, to then
very charitably
fully accept as
the rightfully
created plan.
By a bunch of unfeeling,
generally significantly
privileged white, or
fundamentally too
their sycophantic
most shameless,
in full cahoots
of their patently dodgy
financial associations
plus significantly, as
well, a multiplicity
of other relatedly
linked activities
and decidedly
and nakedly
held; from
all public
scrupulously sustained by
these charlatan bastards,
bitches and their non–
white, Useful Idiots
morons. Willing elements:
the patronizingly rather
arrogantly, decadently
too a rampant surfeit
of them and in what
undeniably to each
individual person
who is distinctly
in command of
a viable brain
to discern an
all inclusive
platform of
the cynically pre-set
disinformation by
lazily cowering
behind clearly and very
purposely locked shut
surgery doors. But if
you are either well–
heeled, or strictly
rather fortunate
and possess the
money to pay;
these so evidently
grasping, and all
rather typically
very seriously
so capitalist
fatcats will
see to you
same day.
(C) Stanley V. Collymore
21 October 2020.

Author's Remarks:
The British National Health Service (NHS) - born on the 5 July 194, now in a terminal coma and imminently expected, in such dire circumstances, to die; RIP!

Denial, delusion. stupidity, hatred

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