The Bell's First Note

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                                                   I was cast
                                                   And molded
                                      From the very beginning
                             My purpose etched upon my shoulder
“Proclaim Liberty throughout the land and onto all inhabitants thereof”
In my hollow dwelt GODs peace & when sounded I was a Mighty Hunter
Slaying the giants of discord & dissonance with Harmony’s Noble Stone
I was to establish love among brethren & to deliver upon my original yoke
"Ulmus Americana"                 Declarations                        Proclamations
Decrees & Edicts              I was to be entrusted              With summoning
                                        The very Shapers of Law
                                          To Legislative Sessions
              Yet pitiful was the hour when my First testing came
 When the Lady in Pink who eyed my crown so merrily was chosen
 I remember how she gently placed her lips upon my head. Caressing
With delicate fingers my waist my beaded line my sounding rim
Lovingly eying my lips and open mouth. So very proud she was to be
  "The Bell’s First Note". Surely I would make the most marvelous
Sound in her gentle hands. What came next I never considered nor was I
Prepared for. In her zeal to be the first she used my body most improperly
And the only sound emitted was the painful cry of my broken innocence
Cracked I was & on display .......... The first time I trusted and was used
Left there broken and alone .......... Carefully placed in the care of two
To my surprise the Lady in Pink .......... In whose hands I was first rung
Now bragged how only I was able .......... To play the sweet note of her
Independence and from that point on .......... I was to be a popular site
For protests - a wandering symbol of .......... Freedom. No longer a bell
Instead an icon now wanted and desired .......... By souvenir hunters
Not wanting me just pieces of me as a token .......... Their claim to fame
For their brief sojourn to Independence Hall .......... To some I was seen
As irreparably cracked and forever dumb .......... To others a tool to be
Used and passed around for causes .......... Worthy and not so worthy
Tell me dear reader which are you .......... Will you fill up on my copper
Laden blood partaking of my broken .......... Body because it sounds
Good to the masses. Or will you see me .......... As Fragile and Imperfect
Honoring the threats I have endured .......... Making them yours. I hear
Grace is sufficient. Tell me is it wrong .......... To want to fill these gaps
Tell me dear reader of my plight. Are you the one .......... to ring my bell
                                                  And pronounce
                                                “Give me Liberty
                                                Or give me death!”

The Liberty Bell - Its parts - Its purpose - Its story

A reflection with Depths and Rich Layers

Telling multiple stories at once

1. Liberty Bell (From the painting "The Bell's First Note"
2. My Story
3. Allegorical

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I always look forward to reading something you wrote. Your poems are so inventive. I love your different styles and ideas. Very creative.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thanks! I was challenged to make a poem with a shape and the liberty Bell was the first thing that came to mind ... I like to think it represents my cracked nature ;)

Lxnnnie Rutledzh
over 7 years

Very very cool.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thanks Quil!
I am showing my age again ;)check out the painting
"The Bell's First Note".It was a challenge for me to complete :)A bit of a lesson in history and fun to try and tell multiple stories simultaneously...

Elizabeth Stone
over 7 years

Hahaha yes, you deserve a cigarette now.

over 7 years

Awesome, Yes, your time was well spent on this one. It's format reminds me of how they used to write in the colonial days. 5 stars!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thank you :) I take pride in my diction... fitting it into Poeticous this way was very... difficult
But highly... satisfyingIf I were a smoker I would say its time for a cigarette ;)

Elizabeth Stone
over 7 years

I'm impressed! Great diction. And the shape came out really well, too. Cheers!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thanks! How does is look :)(the editor won't let me format in HTML enough to keep its shape on some devices)

Amber M. Royse
over 7 years

Very powerful ! lots of meaning in this one !! :)

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