* read top to bottom then bottom to top
gnawing biting
dreams kept frozen
wingless angels
trying to sculpt
filled with
crying angry gods
manic monsters
leaking blue ice

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Cory Garcia
casi 6 años

Thank you sister poet!

casi 6 años

I really liked reading this aloud, it is as lovely as it is dark. Well done!

Cory Garcia
alrededor de 6 años

Thanks brotherFallen Angels
Crying Angry Gods
Manic Monstersall different sometimes the same :)

james matthew coleman
alrededor de 6 años

such frustration... i can relate, in my own way. nicely done

Patricia May Neiderer
más de 6 años

stuck between twixt
the hole in the cough drop
cuts the tongue
leaving a bunch of nicks

Cory Garcia
más de 6 años

this one comes from my own life... my divorce... comparing what i want... with what i am leaving behind...

Olga Gavrilovskiy
más de 6 años

So cold, so dismal :-(
Is winter getting to you?

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