It’s hard to let people in
when you can’t even
get a hold of yourself
Constantly being ridiculed on your personality,
your actions, body,
completely picked apart
like meat off the bone.
Accepting your criticism isn’t hard, it’s foolish.
Why should I lessen myself to benefit you?
Why care about what you think of my body?
My opinions? Beliefs?
Why, because you’re family?
I will not, am not,
and most certainly can not
accept you’re criticism.
It’s all worthless to me
and those observations
that disturb you,
and condemn me,
I can’t accept either.
Just because I’m not like you
doesn’t mean I can’t be my own person.
Pretty soon all these internal battles
will culminate and
Then it’ll be to late for you
to accept anything remotely human about me.


poetry, feelings, acceptance, human, living, alive, life, words, thoughts, emotions, disturbed, internal battles, 19, college student, family

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