This time last night
I feel asleep to you snoring
Your fluffy face cupped into my hand
Your paws even then
Pushing me back
And your body rested on you bed some on the floor and on a training mat
13 years of joy you gave
Taking every pain I had from me
You where the reason I grew strong
Your paw holding my hand all alone
And now I have nothing but your paw prints I took today
And your reindeer teddy and collar too
This bed how it smells of you
And no one will know the heartbreak o felt
As your face cupped my hand
I expected you to Yelp
Yet calmly you lied licking me telling me it’s time
As your breathing grew heavy
And your heart slowed its beat
Your nose I kissed as I weeped
And in that moment I said to the vet
She’s gone
My girl has left
And they both stood in shadowed looks
Checking your purse
And they nodded and left me to be
Grieving over you
My furry baby

Rip 14/2/17

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