I have so much to say no ways to say it
Running around in circles with you and I can’t stop playing
And you’ve been the only guy iv full on sob about
The only guy iv cried at screaming giving out
Asking why it’s been so hard for you to admit you love me
And it’s nearly a years since we started this shit
12 months of being on then off then I got over it
I moved on
Long gone
Where the dreams of the Isle of Man
Long while since you held my hand
I seen another
Another fucker
Blame your mentality
Blame your lack of wanting me
Every guys been the same
Since ray
But you
Come back
After every blown attack
On ya
And now you claim
Letting me go was a giant mistake
Know you where wrong
Letting anyone in was mine

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Environ 2 ans

I feel your pain thanks for sharing

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