I didnt know my stupid mind,
would find a void in love....
I didnt see it coming,
I didnt take that plunge.
I loved you from the first moment on.
But you fucked up....
now I have too.
Cause i’v opened my eyes,
and seen its done.
You pushed me to the edge,
but I jumped right off.
And I dont want this life,
I now hate love.
And when you feed a fire,
you bet its gonna burn.
But this heart was long gone,
i’v been claimed as heartless before....
not caring about the people i see.
the ones who dated me,
that i walked over.
Adam is the one that i used to wonder,
and while now i’v grown fonder.
I still dont want him
nor anyman at that.
i'll never want anyone,
like iv wanted you.
But I noticed something....
with a lust burning deep inside,
I felt like I wanted a man.
When in 3 years I havent seen any but you.
I felt like i didn't need one,
cause we now thats true.
I felt finally like i should be loved,
like you said you do.
But its been a year
youve been jailed away
in your cage
that i've not been held kissed or fucked.
I've been here, still locked up.
Where you do so much littler then yell at me,
well turns out this heartless bitch had her fill.
We know when fulled by drugs,
when last year we broke up,
I was not the only chick you screwed,
you can lie all you like but i know who'se been fucking who.
Cause love cant fill up a black hole
Thats what i am inside,
Thats what the ginger curls and fake smiles hide.
Claim i'm your world, but i'm actually the storm.
You claim you know love, only you're the one that let it burn.

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Robert L. Martin
más de 4 años

Good you got rid of him. It sounds like he was no good for you.

Dani Davis
Dani Davis
más de 4 años

It was hard its still hard, what i found out wasthat so many other people think amazing things about me=/ and when it came to it they all think that while its my choice i'm wasted with him. I love him but idk if thats enough anymore.


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