And i’llpretend that this one is different
cause he played out so different
the fact he is amazing
doenst changed the matter
that this heartbeaten shatters
after hes gone.
cause once hes away from me
I must disappear from his mind
in hindsight
i was always right
hes not you forever texting
he isnt you always messaging
if i dont reply to him he wouldnt care
youd send out the search partys in fear
when he goes away from me
he doesnt bother unless i’m needed.
maybe i’m just feeling defeated?
Cause i got so annoyed
when after 5 days i heard nothing and he text “come save me from work princess”
like i’m some kinda superheros second best
maybe i should of enforced my text back that read “you’re alive, thought you where dead”
instead i feel back to judging myself and not him,
wondering why he doenst like me
and telling him that he only talks to me for lack of attention from girls he has an attraction too.
he questioned me
and i explained
he must not like me
i was sad when he replied that i’m gorgeous in his eyes
cause that means nothing.
you’re words dont ring true...
but darling really i hardly know you.

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