You just wanna fuck me

You say words like easy,
when you beg me come please me.
Some men don’t need to be told the feelings I have for them.
Some know the weakness my eeys hold
the lies my ears have heard
and the screams that are hidden behind bitten lips.
So rememebr when i say, id take my life.
When you wish you could actually distroy me.
You have no right to claim me.
I’m not a piece of pottery,
An art piece for a wall.
You think this mask hasnt fallen,
oh darling you think i havent been to hell.
So claim all you like that your gonna end my life.
I’m not a weakly like the next one.
I’m not a slut like the last.
And even if i was you still wouldnt be the man under me!
So claim you will ruin my life,
please don’t think you have got in at last.
I’ll send them to your door.
Calling there sister a whore.
I’m the girl with more then a million men
wishng i’d be more than there friend.
I’m easy, yet 8 years youve known me when ave you laid with me?
Aint it funny aint it a pity, you dont see me as the bitch you just lit me.
Throw wood on the flames, let me glow in the fame.
Upload me grabbing my tit, upload me slapping my arse,
upload me naked and bruised.
Upload me like im used.
but truth be told
you sad little man,
you’re just sad,
that i know your mad.
You’re just pissed
wanna scream shout raise a fist.
call me a whore,
when really im the last cunt
who you would find at your door.
Black mail,
more like your friendzone fail.
Cause all this makes me see,
you where nothing never to me.

A guy iv known for 8 years has some photos of me he wants to upload on my facebook and he thinks i give a fuck do it you cunt cause as fall out boy once sang " i dont care what you say as long as its about me..." i'm human i'v nudes out there stupidly thats life and living you think one naked photo is gonna break down a wall i built on tears and fear of men? Try break me darling, just know i'll send the wolves but little red riding hood was the one who even the hunter feared.

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