I can’t site the words
Of how iv felt like dirt
Throw away and left to rot
Well you’ve all been caught
As the liars and cheats you where
Making women out to be the whore
And I’m so sick of the pain of this life
I’m so sick and tired knowing well I’m not wife
Cause iv been a slut in my teens after
All the shit I’d seen
Being left on my homes porch after being rode raw
And I got back up on my two feet
And you and no one else could stop me
Cause I became a hurricane
Destroying cities full of men
And I didn’t stop
At being the top dog I let it go gave it all up
When I seen the hurt I caused
Broken down families
Didn’t know anything about love
But so many men
Left in my wake
I’d scream into a forest
It would break into a valley
As the world would shake
And I’d wake up
And finally see
That the only man I needed
Was none beside of me
But everytime
I’d get brave
I’d wonder too close
Back into the game
And if loss myself each and every time
I though I’d won a knight and they’d sold me a line
And the world would cry
And the wind would howl
And I’d give up and get on no throwing in no towel
But iv lost love
And iv lost my life
And iv given up
This very night
Cause I can’t see the dawn
I can’t seem to see
The eye of the storm must of past me
Cause I felt like a human
For more then a day
Now I’m back to the beast who’d kill again
And the world needs to know
That when I go
The people I destroyed
The people who said they made me strong
Where all so wrong
Taking me apart
Piece by piece
You each broke this heart
And when I finally let go
Finally give in to this suicidal mess
Who will miss me?
Who would be left!
After this hurricane passes
If it does at all
What will happen
When the earth falls

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