At night,
It’s the hardest time for me to be without you.
No “I love you”,
No “good nights”.
No cuddling me in close,
As I sleepingly fight...
To pull and pry the blankets away.
Naked as I am,
I remained warm.
With you my own radiator,
Your body I call home.
Nights are the hardest,
As I climb into bed.
Now clothed in wooly pants,
And one of your t-shirts just to feel.
Like I’m actually right beside you...
When really we are miles apart,
Know I’m actually holding on to you.
Not only in my heart,
Like there is no prison wall...
No cell in which you lie.
I’m the prisoner in this world,
Without you by my side.
And my heart beats out of step,
As its trying to catch up with yours.
And it’s so hard to fall asleep now,
I guess atleast I have your shirt.
Telling air I love you,
And whispering goodnight.
Pretending you are here,
It’s how I just make it through the night.
My darling loving caring man,
How much I miss you so...
Holding out on the hope.
That one week more I’ll hold you and not let go,
But that will be a week from now and that will be too short.
Just a moment of your touch and again you’ll be gone...
But I have true love clearly,
I’ll hold on very tight.
Although not with grasping fingers,
Just in this fucked up mind.
Holding on to the dreams,
That one day I pray come true...
Finally when again in bed I am clung to you.

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