I got the roses,
Why didn’t i just decline...
That invitation to hang out offline.
Maybe its just the photos,
But i’m finding it hard to find...
Anytime you arent racing through this mind.
I mean you might be styling,
yeah you cute.
But honey I ain’t trying to be boo.
Get down to business, you on all fours.
Call me mistress, or you’ll be out the door.
Listen so carefully to words I say.
I find it so funny so many seem to want me.
Yet none seem to stay.
I find it very odd,
how much I want effecton, but once the erections gone.
Well so is my attention.
Babe, did i mention?
This here is just freindship.
Desperation at its finest.
I see you call i’m saying decline this.
Call me queen, not highness.
Dont forget, coffee to go.
I’ll be showering while you leaving.
No need for creeping hun you ain’t sleeping.
Don’t want no man, need no boi.
Have plenty toys.
Cause I kick them out, close the door.
If I was a man, i’d not be called a whore.
Find it funny so many seem to adore,
But they don’t like my opinion’s no more.
Like these guy’s aint worth shit,
Guess they beg to bed me only to quit.
Cant take one blow, not one hit.
I’m like the drug they use to split.
Its just too funny, that my hearts stuck on this loop.
Of love and fuck you.
Guess what they say is true,
lust is just loving no body but you.

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