Thights and finding them with his round ass these thunger thighs
these hips that tell hella lies
calves like baby calves
was i
a pretatory animal made up to run
after pray
like bambi these legs arent thin
i dont fall down easy
i chash what i what
i do it to win
on this thicc self
man made anatomy
filling my temple daily with what makes people hate me
commenting "you’re a fat thick prick2
only i love my fat thicc self
and so do the pricks that prick up when i walk by
head high
belly out demanding attention
and i’v attitude
not hiding my fat-ness from myself
like oh i’m not fat.
my t shirts always tied up above my rolls
and girls give me eye rolls but i know
deep down they are wishing their men would stop looking for my holes
cause im thicc but that doesnt make me stupid
im anatomy made
body proud
child bearer
crop top short short wearer
body possitive campaigner
i’m thicc but that doesnt make me hate me
i’m my biggest largest thiccest fan

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