You called me baby girl
Even when blood didn’t tie us
A bind to each family member
You reminded us
That every day should be lived
Every moment filled
Your contagious laugh
And that devil spiked beard
That changed over time from the grey
To a white
Semi circular
Santa inspired piece
To match the Saint hood you gained in my mind a long time ago
You owed me nothing
Yet you showered us all equally with love
You our shining star
Watch us now from above
And all I wish truly
Is that you finally see
How many people you effect
Not Just me
Uncle michael
Grandad michael to many
At heavens gate
You hold the key
Surround with your other family

My uncle passed away today and there will never be a man like him worked hard into his 60's in council parks he had a love for animals and children. He was a gem who would give the best hugs ever! I honestly didn't see him not getting better I think like most I pretended that he was going to be ok that he'd battle through cause he had soul and lotsa life to give. He slipped from our views and grasps so quickly. I honestly feel so bad for his wife Jennifer his sons graham and Derek and his grandkids (who was any child who knew him as they'd call him grandad) a saint among the men

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