Today the ropes go tighter

When the freedom is gone,
Let love hold on....
And I couldn’t let you go,
Not then...
Never now.
Idk how I walked away
Garda talking you from me.
And I held your arm in a vice grip,
Your lips on mine.
And you pulled me in to cry,
And your Mam couldn't bare it..
And I heard it...
The heartbeat we share,
Growing thin...
With wear.
My love how I hugged your neck,
And kissed you back.
And I grabbed you not wanting to let go,
Lungs silently screaming please no.
And I walked through the gate locked behind me,
The noise of my boots moving as legs defied me...
As they walked me away...
And I acted happy.
When deep under the make up,
Under the dirty girl looks.
Under the high waisted skirt,
And leather jacket.
My heart was tip tapping,
Calling for your own.
Asking the question simply unknown,
Why are we not home?

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Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

Good poem


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