Gotta stand up,
Stretch out my aching legs.
Pull up my “big girl” pants,
Act like its just another day.
I’ve gotta be strong,
gonna put on that “happy” face.
Gotta get working,
pretending its all ok.
Cause i’m a big girl,
this is our cruel world.
Thats just how it goes.... or don’t you know?
I’m alone now.
Nobody out there can make this fit...
No one is my mixed match up,
of me in a male version or my opposite in views.
Cause no matter what they won’t be you.
That piece that fit so prefectly.... doesn’t love me.
Gotta just give up on love.
Love means what? Letting go.
Gonno not go near the pictures of us on my phone.
Cause i can’t bare the smiles we shared,
without holding back tears.
This has unleashed all my darkest fears.
Gotta learn again to walk on my own... now i’m alone.
Gonna make sure not to fall... cause falling isnt worth the bruises at all....
Falling left me back here starting again at crawl.
And so sad to see, I’v given up on not loving you.
But others loving me.
Horrible to know, i’v given up now.
You’ve won yet again somehow.

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