Cause I don't know you anymore.... Maybe I never knew the real you after all

What made you so cruel
Was it the killing of your smashed up dreams
What happened to you
That you had to take your own shit out on me
Do you forget iv had worse before?
Then this broken heart you Give me think I’ll just take it.
Do you forget so easily
I faced death.
Forget I was held down and raped
Forget I’d bruised ribs small breaks
All cause someone stupidly didn’t like my music taste
Wasn’t it clear lovers left me after beating and using me
After claiming they loved me
After trying to drug me to carry there kids
You think I don’t know life’s shit?
Oh I know it is!
But you need to open your blind eyes and see
Yes you have shit but that shit was never once made by me
And I know life’s cold chill too well most people I adored in my life have long fell
You remind me of paul my cousin so lost but too strong to ask ever for help
He died alone on his own leaving his son fatherless all from one hit after a year of being clean.
Will you end up doing the same?
Who are you... To so easily push me out of the way
Like I’m blocking a path.
Like I’m all that’s left.
The last broken doll on the shelf.
Who are you....
Cause I don’t know this person anymore.

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