Tis the night of the Purple Rose
When the Leopard seeks a place to sleep
In the shepherd’s garden she finds a tree
And into its branches she shall leap
And into its branches she does leap.
Then along comes the Cougar into the garden
He has tracked the Leopard, but doesn’t know why.
The Shepherd knows why, but will not say
For it is written in the sky,
In cumulus clouds where angels cry.
The Fox shall enter his majesty’s realm
To view the end of the very beginning.
The two cats fight all through the night
And it doesn’t appear that anyone’s winning,
It was never about the winning.
When all is done the Cougar will leave
And the Leopard will sleep once more.
The Purple Rose will have melted the moon
And it turns to sand on the star-light shore.
Then the world might say, “Never More, Never More.”
JE Falcon

A collection of thoughts sprinkled around.

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