In Sand-Land nothing stays the same
Although solidity seems to be the norm
But if change is going to happen in this place
It will do it by the elements of Storm.
The artist often forms the sculpture using wind
And rain could be employed to bond the casting
You can’t see it taking place among the stormy blur
But when the storm is gone, the image, it is lasting.
Unlike Sand-Land, Terra-Firma seldom moves
But when it does it often takes a violent road
There are times torrential rains lend a hand
Turning surface solids to a mass that doesn’t hold.
Then there are tectonic plates that crash into each other
They can raise, or bringing mountains to their knees
Flattening cities beyond the hope of recognition
And sending tidal-waves across the seven seas.
But don’t you know, that is just the way it goes.
There is no Phoenix that can rise without the ashes.
The wonders of this world are just snapshots of a time
And like a lighthouse lantern shines, they’re flashes.
D. Thurmond / JE Falcon

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