You're Amazing

To Bre

You’re an amazing woman,
I am your biggest fan.
In your eyes I get lost,
even when they get crossed.
You do more than you know,
you’ve even helped me to grow.
Your smile is the brightest thing,
that I have ever seen.
I think about you all of the time,
about you I write my best rhymes.
I miss you you when you’re not near,
your voice and your breathing is all I need to hear.
I tingle when I kiss your lips,
my stomach still does flips.
You’re amazing in so many ways,
you outshine all with such intense rays.
So when you catch me staring at you,
remember me saying that without you I would be blue.
And as long as we can get through each and every storm,
I will give you my everything to keep you safe and warm.

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