Music Is...

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed.
It soothes the mind and gives it rest.
It heals the heart and makes it whole,
and it flows from heaven to the soul.”
Everywhere you go, there is music.
From the streets of Harlem to the night clubs in Miami,
there is music. Music defines who you are.
Music is a safe haven.
It is a place where people go
to just to get away from all of their troubles for a while.
Music is what keeps the heart beating.
It is what helps mend it.
Music is Powerful enough to influence and to persuade,
other people’s plug to tell the world
what they want to express...
And it is beautiful. Different sounds,
different rhythms...
Different emotions.
It gives you the chills when you experience
something that is genius. That is indescribably perfect.
Without music,
the world would be chilling and dull.
How else would we express our thoughts
that we can not speak with our own mouths?
When all else fails, music is there.
Music is a part of love. Music allows you
to explore the minds of others
and permits you to see the world through ones eyes.
Music relaxes every bone in your body
and can easily take
every ounce of stress away.
Music is....
Something that cannot be tamed.
It is inspiration.... And it is my refuge.


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