Search within your heart.
Let silence become you
and listen to the most highs.
Take a moment
and breathe while you let your
soul guide you.
Pay special attention
to the signs and connect your dots.
While it is very important that we must endeavor to keep
negativity OUT,
it is better to transport positivity IN.
Into your mind.
Into your soul. And into your spirit.
Do not let this
society dominate you.
For you are
smarter than you presume.
The book of Timothy stresses
that we should not
let anyone make fun of us
just because we are young.
But instead we must
Set an example
for other followers by
what we say and do,
as well as by our love, faith, and purity.
These are the Words of wisdom
Step into the shoes
of leadership and bravery.
So do not fear!
For when you fear
the outcome is never good.
Be that motive who motivates others,
so we can all change this world
into what we desire it to be.



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