The Queens

To all the good mothers in the world... I dedicate this to you

The true Queen of hearts
Mothers of beauty and bravery.
Hearts of purity, love
and understanding.
Arms of protection and solace.
A demeanor of complete
patience and grace.
Clear definition of a Queen.
Ruler and guardians of their
young and the ones they
care immensely for.
Your type of love
is unconditional.
Us younger kings and queens
look up to you.
Although we may not
manifest it enough,
we are eternally grateful
for our queens.
A heart so beautiful and filled
with love and compassion
cannot be compared.
We come to you humbly
for assistance and guidance
knowing that your words
will be of honesty and wisdom.
Having the knowledge
that others may not
have that Queen in their life,
makes us cherish and appreciate
you all the more.
Because you only get one Queen...


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