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The Light

I have to fight. I have no choice.
No other option.
Demons in every corner are
trying to cast their shadow upon me,
but you see,
I’m too bright for that.
This little light of mine shines
brighter than that diamond Rihanna
keeps talking about because a woman once told me that I am one.
Destroying every lick of darkness,
These demons don’t terrorize me any longer.
But I terrify them.
They flinch when my smile broadens
or when my happiness is obviously apparent.
They scream in fear,
petrified when they see me flying to my destination,
my destiny,  first class.
I put frowns on these clowns that try to pull me down.
The more they try and drag me down,
kicking and screaming,
I rise stronger and more powerful than ever before.
My light shall become so bright
that they will have to squint enough
just to see me make it to my destiny.


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