The Sun’s Eyes

John chapter one:verse five
“The light keeps shining in the dark,
and darkness has never put it out.”
Your eyes shine onto the city,
peeking over clouds.
You blink and it gives life to God’s creation.
The birds sing as you rise from your slumber,
chirping in excitement and singing melodies
of triumph.
As Your eyes shine onto the natural world,
The droplets of water glisten
from the grass you shine upon
in the earliest of hours.
The butterflies flutter in amazement and
in awe of your beauty.
God said, “I command light to shine”.
So, he created you.
He looked at you and saw that you were good.
He called you “Day” but I call you beauty.
So as some of us watch you set,
as you drift off into another one of your slumber’s,
I shall meet you in the morning.

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