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Vibe Wise

Relaxed but anxious.
Comfortable with my presence.
Happy. Free. Real.
All of your energy.
All of your emotions.
All of your thoughts. I could feel.
Swarming within me.
Feeling like some type of electricity.
Your own type of electricity.
You draw me nearer...
So much closer
that there is no escaping
because you are my escape.
Your hunger. Your needs.
Your wants. Your curiosity.
They invite me in.
Feeling nothing but your energy.
It is so enormously strong
that I can almost see it.
Flowing gracefully between us.
When I am able to hold you,
I concentrate on your beautiful
beating heart.
Being able to feel it gives me strength.
Your emotional state effects mine.
There is no such thing
as a bad atmosphere when I am
around you.
You just continue to take me higher.
On a cloud.
Floating. Dreaming. Lifting.
You are reality.


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