Looks are sharp, can cut like knives,
        With just a few words, she can take an army of the biggest men and end they’re lives. 
With just the power of her overwhelmingly contagious eyes,
Like a giant magnet she draws you in,
To not crush on her would be a sin,
Often not known and definitely not shown, is 
That she is a teddy bear, 
And she truly does care, 
She does not take life or love for granted, 
All though many men she has mesmerized and enchanted,
With just the power of her presence, her stare,
They’ll sit and wait for an approving nod or glare,
Her name is Bri, one day I hope you, like me, shall see, 
And have the fine opportunity, 
To witness this beauty in all her magnificent glory, 
Then awed you’ll be, 
To have the honor to see what I’ve seen.


This chic is truly something else, and this poem doesn't do her justice.

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