Little David did you see
The road ahead how it would be
Laid with tears and misery
Family, friends and enemies want your neck
To see you shine they would regret
Little David looking ahead
Would you have made Goliath your new friend
Use the giant to fight your foes
Strike them down with deadly blows
Little David were you so wise
Not putting the sword in Saul’s exposed side
God’s anointed though he was
A stumbling block he would become
Little David they praise you now
“Man after God’s own heart”
Of whom God must be proud
Your Psalms, poems and words of wisdom
A lesson they say for man to live on
Big old David they never learned
Humility, meekness and frustration
Was to you like a law
Though you struggled with your sin
You always strive to do the right thing
This poem could go on and on
But it must end as encouragement to everyone
Hold on strong and stay the course
Soon in life they’ll sing your song
Just like little David who i’m writing on


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David Duncan
almost 5 years


Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Keep on being strong and committed to your destiny. Very good poem


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