Just a little poem to say thanks for all the Lord has done for me

As the year ends I write again
I saw to the Lord
Thank you my friend
You show me love I never thought true
The miraculous things I see you do
Undeserved favour everywhere I go
With every step you open the door
Divine connections I’ve heard them say
You should pray for it everyday
When it hits though it blows my mind
Lord I wonder why you’re so kind
A young man like me so undeserving
In the company of those so well achieving
Men of stature so strong and tall
Guiding me up the mountain
Lest I fall
The greatest gift though is not in gold
Diamonds, rubies or the presence of Kings
It’s in the helpless who have allowed me in
A blessing they say it is to give
Today I truly say
It’s a blessing I’ve learnt to live


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