Everyone who came across her,
Thought she was one of a kind
But she had her own state of mind
She’ll literary
hang herself on a tree
and think oh now she’ll be free
And there were nights where
Her wrists were occasionally bleeding
While everyone else was sleeping
Sitting in those dark corners
Of her own mind
She was hard to find
And sitting there alone
She always thought
Dark demos she fought
Her heart... oh yeah her heart
Was almost always screaming
She always thought it was falling apart
And in peaceful nights she sleeps
Dark demons come to her dreams
Suffocated with empty screams
She always felt like she was drowning
She always felt sore
But those dark demons wanted more
Dark demons always found her
No matter how hard she tried
To run and hide

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Robert L. Martin
casi 4 años

She couldn't get away from those demons. Poor girl. I enjoyed reading this.

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