Every time we have a big election
in America, my wife of many years
asks me if I’m going to vote
in the primary although she knows
I never do because one has to declare
one’s party, something I don’t do.
My wife always votes in the primary
and wants to know which party I favor,
a secret I’ve managed to keep hidden
all these years which is probably
why I’m still married.
When I tell her no primary vote for me,
she takes the next step and asks if
I were going to vote in her primary,
which of the two candidates this year
would I vote for.
I realize she wants to know if I’d vote
for the waddling duck or the old roadrunner.
So I buy some time and tell her I’ll have to think
about it and I’ll give her my answer after dinner
because I like dinner and she’s a good cook.
After dessert I say if I were going to vote in
her primary, I’d vote for the old roadrunner
although that has nothing to do with his politics.
I just like him better than the duck, I say.
And my wife surprises me and says
she’s voting for the roadrunner too but
not to tell any of the neighbor ladies.
They would label her a traitor.
Donal Mahoney

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Donal Mahoney
about 4 years

Parker, I first voted in 1960 for JFK and have voted in every election since, usually for the person I think will cause the least harm. This year I am at a loss to pick a candidate. I would have included the Trumpeter Swan in the poem but it wouldn't work. I recall nothing like this in my long life and wish it were otherwise. I truly like the old roadrunner as a human being but fear his ideas as much as I fear the ideas of the people in both parties running against him. Sadly, I have no candidate of my own I wish were in the mix.

Parker Jennings
about 4 years

I don't know who you mean by the road-runner and the waddling duck. Which is both frustrating and hilarious when I think about it for too long

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