to the future

Our sailing ships longing for billowed full sails
Stands calm in our waters awaiting winds wail
Some breezes do come yet just puff them up
But the breeze aren’t strong, not strong enough
Oh lord what will lift these unbillowed curtains so thick
These dew heavy weighted ghosts of our mired mist
What will fill these holders of our lives past this drift
Of life without purpose of precious lives set amiss
What mountainous seas that so toss and churn
Must we survive before a true love mounts from our stern
How many sultry hot still days must be endured
Before we know the love in our life sails is pure
I feel now the answer that has come lifted my sails
I can feel the billowing where breezes had sadly failed
I feel the sheer magnitude of this glorious of feat
I can feel her warmth wrapping us within our sheets
Her soft touch to joyous yell upon the storms climax
From the slow soft caresses of the sails up on their mast
The wind softens here but not all stiff sail has collapsed
There still is force enough to softly caress
Her because it’s what a ship is called
Her because her men love her so bold
Her because of her beauty of line
Her because I’ll love her until the end of time


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