to the future

The cool ocean breeze floats across hot sanded beaches
Barely moving the grains as it tickles and dances
But move them it does if just a grain at a time
Until dunes do arise for true lovers romances
Sky blue seas do beckon to those without fear
To come and frolic within its frothy white tears
With eddy’s whirling and drawing you near
Its outstretched arms beckon come here, come here
Slow waves do arise like thin sheets of blue glass
And hold a slide show of fish within their grasp
They shimmer for the moment before its collapse
In a rush of air and water that sounds its final gasp
The ocean and shore with help from the wind
Live a life so much fuller from beginning to end
Than those who just go there to play in the sand
Without a lover to hold in their hand
No makeup no skirt no pants no shirt
No covered emotions with which to avert
The feelings inside which have lain inert
Are free to reach out in their final search


eddys is a play on my name eddie

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