A Broken Tomorrow
As I slowly lay my head to rest,
The moonlight glow falls softly on my face.
Staring into days gone by,
Your silver gray shadow silence my cry..            
Painful memories from the past,
Turn my moments into tears.
Uncaring eyes cold as ice,
Shoot shivers through my soul.
Flickering hope of nothing to gain,
From people playing a game.
Believing yesterday’s promises,
Surely adds to tomorrow`s pain    
Distressing images from days gone by
Trigger my soul and make me cry.
Tears of sorrow fill my thoughts,
Yesterday`s pain will offer no support.                  
Silently write me a wordless song,
Sung by the rhythm of your heart.
Capture my soul and open my mind,
Let my tears sing that song in time.
Broken promises from yesterday’s dreams
Offer no relief to tomorrow’s beliefs.
Closing my eyes to the moonlight`s glow,
Forcing away the pain for the day.


Love and Friendship betrayal

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