I am....POET
Looking at me through the eyes of a child,
Always makes my smile seem bright.
No bigger view will let you see better than that,
The heart will find what the eyes reject.
I grew to love the writing skill when I was really small,
Telling what I felt inside could show me what to know.
Someday I will grow up big and write a story too,
Let people read and wonder free what has become of me.
Living at the edge of town with no one`s company,
Far away places and open spaces where I want to go.
I live a quiet life with only birds to humour me,
Hermit is my name and that`s what I became.
Sitting at the ocean looking at the sea.
Far across the waters, that`s where I want to be.
Thinking of a perfect life far away in paradise,
Changing dreams to schemes may someday let me leave.
Who I was growing up and who I become today,
Was reading books and find the words to show the easy way!
Learning what was post inside to use with all my wist,
Will one day help me grow up fast to reach my bucket-list.
Look up at the stars tonight to see the faces there,
Each one is a silent soul whose destiny I share.
All my closest family are faceless as can be,
Four little blinking stars will wink right back at me.
If you want to know my name and why I play this game,
I learned this skill to find a way to show you who I am,
Reading all the posted lines will show you if you look.
One day you will see my name printed neatly on a book

Wishes and Dreams of a Hermit.

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