my heart and my mind rarely connect
but when they do its always in shades of brilliance
not like intelligence though maybe some of it too
but more like colors being the same as flowers
if i wanted them to..
i could say the sun is in fact a sunflower
i could say the ocean is an orchid
my brain waves turn honeysuckle
and suddenly poems about flowers being cliche
makes my response say
well, idgaf, anyway..
time is raindrop think its already gone
and you’ll finally stop worryin
bout spending it wrong.
pay attention to what I think
because my head is a song.
its lyrics are treasures in my soul chest.
bring from the dead your beliefs
they’re the unrest
and paint the town red in
a bright yellow dress.
& since
i don’t dream to impress,
these thought bubbles spray paint sidewalks
in only my most intense  patterns.
I promise what stands up in you at night
doesn’t shatter.
what breathes in your mind doesn’t die.
maybe overwhelmed is a blessing,
maybe you should give it time.


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Janaviya ♡
oltre 6 anni

I felt that!

quasi 7 anni


Erica Faith
quasi 7 anni

it does make things pale in comparison, thats a good way to explain it too. & thank you!

Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni

Love this! It resonates with me...I try to combine heart, mind, soul, and strength and when it happens... it is the richest experience for me and makes everything else pale by comparison...It is an addictive way of life... akin to an adrenaline junky... my feet are seldom on the ground... but it is a life worth living...Nicely done!

J.A. Lütz
quasi 7 anni

I really enjoy this. Very abstract. Very beautiful.

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